Notes on Exercising in Hot and Humid Conditions

Post Date: 2022/07/25 - End Date: 2022/10/24

Please be reminded that vigorous or prolonged physical activities in hot and humid conditions may cause heat cramp, heat exhaustion, heat stroke or even death. Therefore coaches, members and students should note the following:

1. Encourage coaches, members and students to drink cool plain water before or during the activity to make up for fluid loss.

2. Pay attention to the temperature and the humidity to make necessary adjustment for exercise.

3. Training should be arranged progressively so that students may adapt to it easily.

4. When students are engaged in vigorous physical activities, coach should be aware of the symptoms of heat related illnesses and take suitable measures such as arranging the students to rest, giving him/her necessary drinking fluid, seeking medical help, etc. Students should be reminded to report to the coach immediately when feeling unwell.

5. Suitable rest periods should be arranged at regular intervals for prolonged strenuous training.