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22/6,24/6-25/6 Sueno Eiji sensei (Hanshi 8 Dan) Kendo seminar.

Post Date: 2023/06/12 - End Date: 2023/06/26

We are honoured to welcome Sueno Eiji sensei (Hanshi 8 Dan) from Kagoshima for  kendo seminar during 22nd and 24-25Jun and is open to all HKKA and its affiliated dojo members. This will be a special opportunity to be instructed by Sueno sensei who was the winner of All Japan Kendo Championship and All Japan Police Kendo Championship. A short profile of Sueno sensei is attached for your information.


Entry Fee: $100 per day (Secondary and primary school student Free)

22/6 Welcome Seafood Banquet: $200 per person

24/6 Dinner: $200 per person

25/6 Lunch: $150 per person

Seminar Schedule:


22 June Thursday

Ap Lei Chau Sports Centre (1F)

09:00 ~ 14:00  Seminar (All dan grades)



14:30 HKKA Welcome Seafood Banquet (Place to be confirmed)

($200 per person)



24 June Saturday

Java Road Sports Centre 3F


Activity room 2

14:00 ~ 15:00 Seminar (All dan grades)


Activity 1

15:00 ~ 17:00 Seminar & Jigeiko


18:00 Dinner with sensei at 北角新港酒樓

($200 per person)



25 June Sunday

QE Stadium room 2


09:00 ~ 11:00  Seminar (All dan grades)


11:00 ~12:30

Godo geiko


13:30 Dim sum lunch at South China

Restaurant (Caroline Road Hill) UB floor

($150 per person)


Dinner at Jockey Club Happy Valley

Booking restriction : Max 12 members

(Time to be confirmed)