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(22/10)The 24th President Trophy Kendo Competition

Post Date: 2023/08/25 - End Date: 2023/10/23

We are pleased to announce that the 24th President Trophy Kendo Competition will be held on 22 Oct 2023 at the Island East Sports Centre.


The registration form (Participants, Shinpan and Helper) and information are now available and attached to this email. Please kindly review.


Date: 22nd Oct 2023 (Sunday)

Time: 9:00am -17:00pm

Venue: 4th Floor, Main Arena, Island East Sports Centre


Event Details:

(A) Women’s 3-member Team( Age 18 or above, No rank limit)

(B) Men 5-Member Team (Age 18 or above, No rank limit)


Each Dojo submit one form and their formation. It is important to note that all registration forms must be submitted through your dojo representative.


Note: Due to limited competition time, each Kendo Club/Dojo will send a maximum of three women's and three men's teams. The organizers will consider the number of registered teams and, after match drawing or negotiations, the number of teams for each Kendo Club/Dojo may be reduced to two. We apologized for any inconvenience that may have caused you.


Entry Fee: $250 HKD (including Insurance and Entry Fee)

For those who will pay via Alipay, kindly note that a 1.5% administration fee must be added and the total would be $254 HKD each person.


Registration Deadline: 26th Sep 2023 (Tuesday) at 5pm