Notice - Cancellation on Mask-wearing during Kendo Practice

Post Date: 2023/03/01 - End Date: 2023/05/01

Dear all,


To corporate with the Government announcement on 28 February 2023, that all mandatory mask-wearing requirements will be lifted with effect from 1 March 2023, the Executive Committees have passed unanimous adoption on the cancellation on mask-wearing during kendo practice.


HKKA encourages members to wear a mask during the practice since mask-wearing is still an effective way to reduce the risk of virus transmission while protecting the wearer and others. As mask-wearing is no longer a mandatory requirement, members are free to decide whether wearing a mask or not during kendo practice.


HKKA will keep on monitoring the epidemic development and make corresponding announcements and arrangements in due course.


Thank you for your attention.


Best regards,

Hong Kong Kendo Association