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Notice on Postponement of Dan Exam

Post Date: 2021/01/12 - End Date: 2021/03/22

In view of the escalating situation of the COVID-19 pandemic in Hong Kong, HKKA hereby announces the postponement of the Dan Examination. 


The updated information are as follows: 


Kendo Dan Examination (1-5 Dan)  

Date: 21st March 2021 (Sunday) 

Place: Queen Elizabeth Stadium 

Application Deadline: 8th March 2021 (Monday). 


- NO re-application is required, all previously registered applicants will be automatically enrolled in the Dan exam rescheduled on 21st March 2021.


- Examinees who are not able to participate the Dan Exam on 21st March 2021, please inform HKKA before the deadline.


- Refund will be arranged by HKKA to examinees who have already registered but not able to attend on the 21st March 2021. 


We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Please feel free to contact us if you have any enquiries.