Tender Notice

Post Date: 2019/12/13 - End Date: 2019/12/27

Invitation of Tender


Hotel Accommodation

(4th March – 9th March 2020)




Dinner Buffet

(7th March 2020)


Tender Closing Date and Time:

23rd December 2020 12:00noon


Warning against Bribery


1.     The tenderer shall not and shall ensure that his agents and employees shall not give or offer any advantages to any agent or employee of The Hong Kong Kendo Association (the “Association”), as defined under the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance.  The tenderer is also prohibited from colluding with other bidders in this tendering exercise in whatever forms (e.g. price rigging).  Any breach of or non-compliance with these clauses by the tenderer shall, without affecting the tenderer’s liability for such breach or non-compliance, invalidate his tender.


2.     If the supplier/contractor or any employee or agent of the supplier/contractor shall be found to have committed an offence under the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance in relation to the tender or the contract, the Association may terminate the contract without entitling the supplier/contractor to any compensation therefore, and the supplier/contractor shall be liable for all losses and expenses necessarily incurred by the Association as the result of such termination of the contract.


Submission of Tenders

3.     Tenderers must submit their tenders before the tender closing date and time specified in the tender documents. Any tenders received after the tender closing time shall not be considered.


4.     Tenders should be placed in a sealed envelope and deposited in HKKA mail box: Rm 1029, Olympic House, No. 1 Stadium Path, So Kon Po, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


5.     The awarded tender will be notified by telephone and email within 10 working days and be invited to enter into a contract with the Association.


Background Information

Hong Kong Kendo Association (“the Association”) is going to organise the 20th Hong Kong Asian Open Kendo Championships at Yuen Long Sport Centre, it is expected to have around 250 participants. We would like to invite tender for hotel accommodation and dinner buffet arrangement.






Tender Specifications & Requirements – Hotel Accommodation


1.          All rooms should be provided by one hotel and at the same location; location preference will be given to proximity to Yuen Long Sports Centre.


2.          The hotel must reserve at least the number of rooms as specified below.


Earliest Check-in Date                            4th March 2020 (Wednesday)

Latest Check-out Date                            9th March 2020 (Monday)

Tentative No. of Rooms Required


Single Room

Double Room

Triple Room

4 March 2020 (Wed)




5 March 2020 (Thur)




6 March 2020 (Fri) 




7 March 2020 (Sat)




8 March 2020 (Sun)




9 March 2020 (Mon)





(To be filled by bidder)


Name of Hotel :                       _____________________________________________


Hotel Address:                         _____________________________________________



Room Type / Rate (HK$):        1) Single room per night including breakfast  ________

                                                2) Double room per night including breakfast  _______

3) Triple / Double room + 1 bed per night including breakfast                                                 ________


*Cross out where appropriate


Remarks / Additional Privileges (if any): _____________________________________

Tender Specifications & Requirements – Dinner Buffet


Date :                               7 March 2020 (Saturday)


Time:                               18:30 to 23:00


Estimated Attendance: 250 persons



(To be filled by bidder)


Venue: ______________________________________________


Set up: ______________________________________________


Menu: ______________________________________________


Price (HK$): ___________________________________________


Other arrangements (if any): ______________________________


Payment Terms: _________________________________________


Contact Person: __________________________________________


Phone No. / Email: _________________________________________



- END -