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Invitation of Atsugi Kendo Tournament 2018

Post Date: 2018/08/15 - End Date: 2018/09/03

Atsugi Kendo Association (厚木剣道聯盟) is holding the 2018 Atsugi Kendo Tournament (Individual match) on 28th October 2018 (Sun) and has invited Hong Kong Kendo Association to join the event.

Details are as follows:

Location: Atsugi City Ogino Athletic Park Stadium (厚木市荻野運動公園體育館)


Individual Match

- Female group

- Male group ( 3 Dan or below )

- Male group ( 4 Dan or above )


1) Hong Kong Squad members have higher priority

2) 2 Dan or above HKKA members & Affiliate Dojo members

(Subject to the final decision of the Executive Committee of HKKA)

Quota: 10 persons

Traveling schedule: (To be confirmed) Departure on 26th October 2018 (Fri) and return on 29th October 2018(Mon)
Subvention: Each participant will be subsidized HKD 3,000 by HKKA.

Participants are required to pay for their own expenses first. Subvention will be made after the completion of the trip.

Subsidization may not be made if participants do not submit the event report and all expenses receipts (photocopies will not be accepted).

HKKA will prepare Travel insurance for participants.

If you are interested to take part in this event, please fill in the application form and email to HKKA by 5:00 pm on 3rd September 2018 (Mon).